Biomechanics Coaching

If you suffer from ongoing niggles and injuries that never seem to go away, you're not alone; around 80% of runners are regularly injured every year.

More often than not, the actual site of pain isn't the problem. A biomechanical imbalance or weakness elsewhere is usually the culprit and unless this is addressed, the problem will just keep coming back. The knee/ITB may present with pain, but the problem is often elsewhere. Treat the imbalance and the knee will get better.

With biomechanics coaching we take a global look at the body and hunt out the areas of dysfunction, weakness or tightness.

Then with a range of exercises and techniques we address the issues. Resulting in a more balanced body – which is stronger, more resilient and less likely to be injured. You may not currently be injured or even have any pain, but that's exactly where biomechanics coaching comes into it's own. It works best in preventing injury in the first place. Identify areas of dysfunction before they can lead to problems, build a strong foundation and take your training to the next level. In fact, the best time to go through a screening process and full biomechanics coaching is when you're about to embark in a new challenge.

Sarah feeling clients leg
How will biomechanics coaching benefit you?
  • Knowledge of your body and where dysfunctions lie – we all have them – and more importantly, what you can do about them
  • A toolkit of exercises and techniques to address areas of dysfunction, tightness, weakness or pain
  • Your aches/pains and specific injuries wlll improve as you do the exercises. You'll feel a sense of release and freedom of movement
  • You'll run with better form. Muscles will activate correctly, your body will move more efficiently. Your risk of injury is reduced and you can train more consistently
  • You'll find you move more freely, muscles feel more relaxed, fluid and powerful
  • Aches and pains associated with every day life, sitting at your desk, lifting children or driving can all be addressed
  • The greatest benefit of biomechanics coaching is that you learn how to monitor and manage your own body – reducing the need for ongoing treatment.

Exercises prescribed are tailored to your exact needs - are gentle, safe and progressive, so are suitable for everyone regardless of age, ability, sport and fitness level.


Basic Biomechanics Consultation = £95 for 2 hour session
Follow up sessions = £50 per hour
Initial Consultation + 4 follow up sessions package = £265

What to expect:

Most of the screening tests are done in my studio on my treatment couch. Just wear normal running/fitness kit or clothes you can move easily in. Not jeans or restrictive clothes.

After the session, you will go away with a better understanding of your body, a full summary of your weaknesses and strengths and a bespoke plan of key exercises and release techniques to help you. Following a session I'm always at the end of the phone or email if you have any problems.

Biomechanics coaching isn't a quick fix and works best as a process with a number of sessions over a period of weeks or months. Be patient and trust the process and you will get long lasting results.


After 9 months of painful running and a re occurring knee injury I decided to contact Sarah Russell for some advice.
I had been to 3 physio therapist's and 2 podiatrist's but the injury always re occurred ! Sarah asked me to list symptoms to see if she could help and then invited me to a 2 hour assessment in her studio.
Looking at the whole body with a series of exercises ( mobility, flexibility and balance) Sarah pin pointed the problem within an hour! To my relief it was something that could be fixed and by looking at the cause rather than the effect Sarah spent the next hour showing me what exercises to do , how to correct my posture , work on my balance and how to strengthen my glutes.
I liked the fact that it was a 1-2-1 and I was given a personal exercise schedule and not just a sheet of generic exercises. Sarah spent a lot of time demonstrating exercises and adapting them to suit my injury and reassured me that if I put in the effort and did them twice a day I would soon be back out running. She was not wrong, within 2 weeks I was back to running 8 miles and in a good time. Sarah also gave me a lot of support after the assessment and by keeping her updated she could give me additional advise on particular exercises and made sure I didn't run too far whilst I was recovering.
I found the whole experience reassuring and informative and I could understand and relate to all the exercises that she demonstrated to me in the assessment. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to anyone with a sports injury, even if you have given up on yourself, she won't! Vicky Stapleton-Wade